Maxi Cube Aluminium Click Clock - White LED

Maxi Cube Aluminium Click Clock - White LED


The brand new Maxi Cube Aluminium Click Clock has all the same great features as the Click Clock Range but now in a larger cube size with wire-free rechargeable design.  

Make an impact in your room with this attention grabbing LED alarm clock and never forget the importance of your time ! With the same aluminium effect design with a large and clear LED display that remains hidden when quiet, but instantly lights up with just a tap of the fingers. 

Designed in a 120mm cube with the trendy Aluminium finish with white LED display, the MAXI Cube Aluminium Click Clock can be your ideal clock either in your sitting room or bedroom. 

The bigger, the better ! 

Maxi Cube Aluminium Click Clock - White LED Features

-  clock display alternates between time, date and temperature

-  sound activated and permanent clock display settings

-  power supply : integrated 2000 mAh built-in lithium rechargeable battery 

-  battery life: 2 weeks if clock in permanent display (24/7) ; at least 3 months if in sound activated display used as a daily alarm clocks

-  5V, 500mA charging adapter included 

-  12/24 Hours and C/F formats can be selected

-  3 alarms setting with clever snooze function

-  5/7 days alarm setting

-  automatic dimmer function

-  internal memory battery inside to keep you custom setting 

-  clock LED display colour: white

-  product weight: 1000g  

-  product size: 120 x 120 x 120mm

-  product material:  wood with aluminium effect veneer finish