Our Distributors

Gingko works closely with a number of distributors from many countries and/or regions. With our distributor arrangement, these national exclusive distributors act as the introducers and presenters of our outstanding original designs and spreading them to their clients in their beloved countries with passion, care and love. 

If you're interested to be a new registered distributor of our designs in your country or just wanted to stock our items in our shop, please feel free to email to info@ging-ko.co.uk or simply give us a call at +44 1926 676 527. We're more than happy to help at any time.  

We currently have distributors from the below countries: 

- Germany

- France

- Italy

- Spain

- Denmark

- Switzerland 

- Norway

- Netherlands 

- Belgium & Luxembourg 

- Ireland 

- Japan (selected designs only)

- USA  (selected designs only)

- South Korea

- Australia 

- China